Mission, Goals & Objectives

Who We Are?

No Left Turn in Education is a grassroots movement of parents, families and citizens. We are workers of all kinds. We are attorneys, educators, social workers, scientists and physicians. We believe that K-12 education should be free from indoctrination and politicization.
Radical teachings motivated by a political agenda and deliberately spread by many teachers, administrators, school board members, and even state officials have infiltrated schools across the nation. Unfortunately, all too often words such as diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, anti-racism, systemic racism, human rights education and health education concealed an aggressive, radical totalitarian ideology. From The 1619 Project, to Critical Race Theory, to Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), the goal is to overturn our society by sowing divisiveness and hate. The social unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd in May 2020 provided the perfect cover for complete assault and takeover of the educational system. Aided by the “mainstream media” and some politicians, many educators and administrators have become the true schoolyard bullies, using taxpayer funds to brainwash the children who are their captive audience.

Parents from all walks of life are waking up to this troubling reality. The trust that they once had in the schools and the educators has been shattered as they are denied access to what is being taught to their children at school. Anxiety, anger and despair have been spreading among many parents while many children have been confused, bullied, shunned and traumatized. Many educators are under tremendous pressure and conflicted between their duties and their values.

Parents, children and teachers are afraid to speak up and resist. In No Left Turn in Education we believe in restoring the intended relationship between parents and the public education. Congress enshrined these words in creating the Department of Education in 1979: “Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children, and States, localities, and private institutions have the primary responsibility for supporting that parental role.” This basic truth has long been part of the fabric of our nation.

Our Mission

To revive in American K-12 education the fundamental discipline of critical and active thinking which is based on facts, investigation, logic and sound reasoning.

Our Goals

The goals reflect the legal, legislative and civic actions of our movement:

  1. Restore parental function in public education and elevate the family as a core teaching unit of society.
  2. Educate the public about the radical indoctrination in k-12 and its existential threats.
  3. Mobilize and empower parents all over the country, in every school and locality to organize and become actively involved in overseeing the education of their children.
  4. Support parents in their demand for transparency from the schools and in becoming actively involved in overseeing the education of their children.
  5. Mobilize parents, families, educators, professionals and concerned citizens to push back against the radical indoctrination and injection of political agendas in K-12 education.
  6. Promote fact-based teaching.
  7. Support teachers who oppose the coercion to indoctrinate students.
  8. Challenge the legality of discriminatory teaching and training of students and teachers.
  9. Demand federal funds be withheld from educational institutions that engage in politicizing public schools and radical indoctrination.
  10. Promote school choice so every family in America will be empowered to choose an education option that is appropriate for their children and family.

Our Objectives

To accomplish our goals, we will:

  1. Use all forms of media to expose the radical indoctrination in K-12 education, its perpetrators, the resources and methods employed and the resulting harm it inflicts.
  2. Inform the public of the No Left turn in Education movement and encourage them to participate.
  3. Create No Left Turn in Education chapters in every state to combat indoctrination locally.
  4. Mobilize community participation in school board meetings.
  5. Guide parents in forming in-school committees to review, screen and monitor the curriculum, materials and any other resources used in all classes.
  6. Ensure that curriculum resources are assessed for excellence by a broad segment of stakeholders.
  7. Support parents in their action in their local schools in eliminating all school learning and activities intended to politicize and indoctrinate students.
  8. Furnish parents, families, community, educators and policy makers with best available research, strategies and tools to fight the harmful indoctrination practices and curricula.
  9. Ensure the provision of counseling and mental health support to students, families, and teachers who have been harmed by radical indoctrination.
  10. Restore American patriotism in the classroom, including presenting our nations as consistently forward-thinking in its elevation of individual liberty and democratizing traditional Liberalism.
  11. Promote classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.
  12. Develop programs for intellectual and emotional support for students.
  13. Provide a confidential outlet for teachers to share information and receive guidance.
  14. Facilitate legal counsel for parents, students, and teachers who require support to battle school indoctrination.
  15. Support legal actions against school districts that conduct discriminatory teaching and training.
  16. Promote legislative initiatives at the local, state and national levels to support the Movement’s goals.